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 The Hero Point System

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Jaden Yuki

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PostSubject: The Hero Point System   Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:33 pm

Ok so you may be asking yourself:

What are Hero Points?

Hero Points are The Special Point U Earn By winning a Duel or Doing other special things.

Ok so what are they used for?

Hero Points are used to Buy Signatures or To rank up from Dorm to Dorm

Cool and How Those The Hero Points System Work?

This is how It works:

When you win A Duel In:

1. Hero Arena You Earn 100 Dp But you most post the win In Hero Arena
2. Shadow Games You Earn 250 Dp But you must post The Win In Shadow Games

When you loose a duel In:

1. Hero Arena You loose No Dp
2. Shadow Games You Loose 50 Dp

Other Ways To Earn Hero Points:

1. Put a Gfx Shop ( the Maximum Hero Points you can charge is 50 per anything u do)
2. Good article. If you a do a really good article in The Library section u can earn Hero Points ( watever admins decides)
3. Stay Active. If we see you are active every day you get Hero Points!!!!

Ok that is all. Any other question just Pm me!!
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The Hero Point System
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