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 Heyy i Am tawn :)

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Which card do you like better?
Gaia The Firece Knight
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Blue-Eyes White Dragon
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Red Eyes Black Dragon
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Curse of Dragon
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Dark Magician
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PostSubject: Heyy i Am tawn :)   Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:06 am

Hi all Very Happy
1st off let me just says its quite a thrill to be at Hero city Smile
I like to duel im not a sore looser, or a sore winner, win or loose i duel for the fun of it.
Age: 16
Location: Australia

Hobbies: dueling, Talking with friends, spending time with me Girlfriend, Playing Yu-Gi-Oh games

Fav card(s): Gaia the firece knight, Gaia the dragon champion, Blue-eyes White Dragon, Black Skull dragon (For those who didnt know;Summoned Skull+Red Eyes Black dragon) Black Luster Soldier (Ritual), Curse of Dragon.
I have many more but id need more Page LOL anyways--

A decent deck for me: A well Balanced Deck of Trap,Monster and Spell.

Other Things: I have known and loved Yu-Gi-Oh for 5 years I remember playing it when i was 10-11 lol
I love to play Pokemon (Hey its fun! Very Happy)
I love to play games where theres lots of Zombie Killing... (Don't ask >.>)
Any ways thank you for taking the time to read, i look forward to meeting you all! Very Happy
Have a great day/night ;D

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Heyy i Am tawn :)
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