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 New Ranking System! (For Promotion! Everyone must read!)

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PostSubject: New Ranking System! (For Promotion! Everyone must read!)   Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:41 pm

Here is how u promote from dorms to dorm!

By rank and experience u can promote!
Every time u duel u get 10% experience even if u lose!
There are 3 ranks per dorm!:

Each time u reach 100% hero experience u level up to rank 2 and so on!
When u reach 100% experience and rank 3 u will have a single duel with an admin to see if u r avaliable! 80% chance u will go to the next dorm. If u dont u can pay 250 Hero Points to duel once more! This is limited once per 2 days!
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New Ranking System! (For Promotion! Everyone must read!)
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